Funeral Planning Guide

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Click the image above to download or you may also  download the Funeral Planning Guide directly in order to complete it after printing.

Alternatively, you can complete the vital information needed on the online form below. This information is secure and will be emailed directly to us when you have completed. If you have any questions or you need any assistance, please email us or call us at (978) 531-0472.

The first step is to gather some information. We will be using the following information to complete and file a death certificate. One thing to think about is how many certified copies of the death certificates you will need.

In general, you will need a certified copy of the death certificate for anything to deal with personal assets. This could include a life insurance policy, access to bank accounts, investments, retirements, etc.

The death certificate will be filed in the town in which a person passes away. We will be happy to get you as many copies as you would like.

Deceased Information


Background Information
Details of Death

Place of Death

Informant Information


Complete as many fields as necessary.


Below is some information to help us prepare an obituary with you. One thing to keep in mind is that the newspapers will generally charge per line, so the longer the obituary the greater the cost. We will be happy to go over estimated costs with you depending on which newspapers you plan to use.

Obituary Information

Remember that you can always make changes to your arrangement choices. This guide is simply a way for you to communicate your preferences with your loved ones and act as a starting point for your Funeral Director. 

You may use the following section for elaboration, special requests, or additional personal preferences.

In Conclusion
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